The History of the Company

Since 1990, the Tatlycy Development has positioned and/or developed projects comprising of 1 million square feet of commercial office and residential space.

Overview for Tat Development Center

The Tatlycy Development offers a full spectrum of development services tailored to the needs of its clients and partners. We bring our own unique and multi-diciplinary perspective to new development and re-development projects. The Tatlycy Development delivers design solutions which optimize client, market, finance and investment requirements and which also address the unique physical and political demands that come with each new assignment.

We... Developers...

Throughout our country, the sprawl of the major industries keep pushing the boundaries of city limits and development keeps spreading to the next possible town or city. As this trend will only continue to grow, we need to learn how to manage growth better. For those of us in the development industry, it is an ongoing challenge to continue to enhance the way we acquire, approve and improve the land.

The initial goal is to determine how and when to acquire land that will help shape communities. We strongly believe that land valuation is best achieved, when the land owner will allow the developer to purchase land over time as the land value will increase through the entitlement and approval process.

We have found that it is to the benefit of everyone involved when land owners work hand in hand with the developers as this helps keep the suburban sprawling in check and the pricing in line with the market.

Acquiring the land overtime not only helps control the overall cost of acquisition and development but it also assists in the capitalization of the project. In a perfect world, capital invested in land acquisition would be leveraged by the increasing value of the land thus allowing the bank loan to be utilized in lieu of expensive equity. However, this not being the perfect world, we participate in certain transactions by providing an equity investment or what we call active capital as required to acquire the land, process the approvals and ultimately begin the horizontal development.

The development business is full of people who are ready to take a leap and launch into their own deals. Land development is a very fluid and detailed business requiring a plethora of skill sets and specific talents. A multitude of services are generally required and most groups can only offer their services on a number of these functions. We put a strong emphasis on assembling the right team to ensure successful development.

Tat Says: "Development can develop..."

Land development projects of the early 2000s can be likened to the Gold Rush of the 1800 in that it offers that rare opportunity to create and spread enormous wealth. For those people, who are in a position to participate, the opportunities can be extraordinary. This is, what we call the "Golden Egg Phenomenon"; positioning yourself for participation and applying the business principles for yourself and your partners, thus creating a wealth for all involved.

We are talking about the overall planning and execution of not just the land plan itself, but of a comprehensive development plan. This plan governs all aspects from land acquisition to street paving so the homebuilder can start pouring the foundation and pounding the nails. We provide a thorough assessment and understanding of a project's existing plan, one that includes a comprehensive needs analysis as the basis for determining our involvement in a project.

We can play a passive advisor part and/or the active capital part, where we invest with our resources and put our team members in the mix of the development team.

One of the primary challenges of the industry is to keep your focus, while the external powers attempt to distract you. Having experienced partners in charge running the show is as critical as proper capitalization. Often our role simply consists of recruiting the right people for the team who are capable of executing the plan.